transport introGlobalisation has made the world a global village, offering people the opportunity to travel ad transport goods to different locations. Our company is actively involved in transport facilities to ensure that all transportations are carried out properly, safely and comfortably.

Prassa Bridge

Το έργο είχε ως στόχο τη σύνδεση του Οικισμού Πρασσά με την παραλιακή ζώνη του Καρτερού.

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Agios Nikolaos

Κατασκευή του συνδετήριου άξονα των δρόμων Ηρακλείου - Καλό Χωριό.

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Papanastasiou Fly-Over

The construction time was 2 months before being completed and given to the public for use. From the pedestals, a special mold was manufactured within one day.

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