buildings intro


In the sector of buildings, the company has significant experience with a number of cases to demonstrate, and for a variety of buildings., ranging from residencies to aquariums.

enviroment intro


Being in harmony with our environment and ensuring sustainable methods are applied is part of our value system. We aim to not only deliver quality structures to our clients, but also we want the company's legacy to future generations to be a better shaped world. The company is actively involved in a number of environmental projects, treating them all with the delicacy and responsibility they deserve, to provide innovative, cost effective solutions while respecting and enhancing the environment.

Industry intro


Industrial production is a key player or the economy of our world. It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that optimum methods of construction have been applied; methods that will provide quality and security. Our company has significant experience in industrial structures, an experience that we constantly seek to enrich and develop.

marina intro


AGAS Group is involved in the realization of numerous maritime projects, always delivering outstanding quality within set deadlines. Aiming to achieve great quality without overlooking the delicacy of coastal development and its natural environments, the company draws on integrated expertise in order to realize innovative infrastructures. We take holistic approaches to create modern and cost effective solutions for the people while protecting the environment surrounding it.

sport intro


Athletic activities promote good competition, team spirit and discipline in one's life. AGAS Construction S.A. shares these values and is honoured to represent them by providing the knowledge and technical skills to plan, design and realize sports facilities.

transport intro


Globalisation has made the world a global village, offering people the opportunity to travel ad transport goods to different locations. Our company is actively involved in transport facilities to ensure that all transportations are carried out properly, safely and comfortably.