Social Responsibility

Agas Group is a leading engineering and consultancy company that remains committed and devoted to sustainability and social responsibility. The great power of creating and designing new structures inspires us to become a role model company concerning sustainable practices, innovative techniques and social impact. Our philosophy is anthropocentric and corporate responsibility has become a way of achieving things.
Making a difference is of great importance for the company and we are proud not only to lead in our technical field, but also participate and contribute to the growth and development of communities. Consequently, the company has organized and run a number of short educational lessons for students, aiming to introduce them to the vast opportunities of the built environment and to all up to date practices in construction and design.

Please refer to the corporate responsibility report for a better understanding of the practices we apply.

The company is involved in local community support programs, research partnerships, fundraising activities for community development projects and school mentoring.

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We are known for our ethos, which guides us and help us innovate for the benefit of the team and the community, while our multidisciplinary nature reflects the multisided values of our team.

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